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Members @ the ground breaking crememony of the
TUNADO Complex in Gayaza
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The ED, visiting stalls of different exhibitors
during the Honeyweek event
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The Biggest Honey Shop
in Uganda
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Who We Are

TUNADO is the apex body recognized by the public and government of Uganda to coordinate the apiculture sector in Uganda. TUNADO is a membership body that unites producers (beekeepers), processors, packers, service providers (trainers, researches, marketers, and equipment manufacturers), development partners, government and all other stakeholders towards apiculture development in Uganda.

Stories from the Hives


Inside this Issue

  • Analysis of the National Honey Week Event
  • TUNADO is First Runners Excellence in Rural Economic Development
  • UNBS trains ToTs in Certification
  • Oxfam creates Women and Youth livelihoods in Apiculture
  • BTC supports Skilling Beekeepers
  • Bees and Coffee etc.

Our Projects

  • Prevention and reduction of exploitative child labour (PREC) 2023-2026

    Children (as defined by World Bank for ages 0-14 years) make up 46% of the total population in Uganda. However, 6.2 million (40%) of the children aged 5-17 years are involved in child labour excluding HH chores (UBOS – National Labour Survey, 2021), Child labour is highest in Karamoja (56%) compared to other regions in

    January 16, 2024
  • Karamoja RISE-K Project 2023-2027

    Resilience, inclusiveness, sustainability and empowerment of communities in karamoja (RISE-K) Project Uganda is endowed with natural resources but governance of natural resources and the effects of climate change have exacerbated the levels of poverty, disaster and humanitarian needs. While Uganda has made considerable progress in reducing the proportion of households experiencing poverty, 47% of households

    January 16, 2024
  • Inclusive Entrepreneurship INC-ENT 2022- 2024

    INC-ENT is a five year project that started in 2022, implemented by TUNADO in three districts of Kabarole, Bulisa and Hoima. The project is funded by the government of Belgium under the Director General for Development DGD through Trias Uganda, a Belgium development organisation that supports family farmers and entrepreneurs through their member based organisations

    January 16, 2024
  • Bees for BATWA Phase 2 (2023 – 2024)

    Bees for BATWA Phase 2

    January 16, 2024



Events & Trainings


This event brings together people and farmers who share the passion of Apiculture farming


Is an event organised for Apiculture value chain players


Is an event organised for individuals who are interest in Apiculture Products

Facts & Figures
Our activities in Numbers

Farmers Reached
in Uganda

Women involved
in the Apiculture
value chain

30+ Billion Ugx
Increase in Household
Income across the
value chain

5,000+ Tonnes
of Honey and Related
Products Produced Annually


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