Policy and Advocacy

Strengthening apiculture stakeholders’ engagement in policy processes where collective action is desirable and adds value. TUNADO will create regular fora and platforms for apiculture value chain actors to stimulate collective reflection, renewal, strategising and action on crosscutting socio-economic and political issues of interest to them and relevant to Uganda’s governance and development.

Key objective:

To offer interactive reflection space for the effective coordination of collective policy engagements by stakeholders on apiculture issues with state and non-state development agencies. Advocate and lobby for creation of enabling environment for TUNADO members to do apiculture business.

To this end,TUNADO is involved in:

  • Lobbying and advocating for government to put in place National Apiculture Policy and carry out yearly national residue monitoring plans.
  • Lobbying government and stakeholders for the protection of health bee colonies.
  • Carrying out Policy research and disseminate findings.
  • Lobbying donors and government on where to invest in coordinated fashion.
  • Building the capacity of members and other stakeholders in the apiculture sector to advocate for apiculture policy and their interests.
  • Creating tailor made collective platforms for advocacy, policy processes and engagement.
  • Lobbying government to increase budget allocation to apiculture sector as well as recruitment of entomologists at local government levels.
  • Monitoring, evaluating, documenting and disseminating policy and advocacy impacts.
  • Lobbying financial Institutions to develop appropriate financial products.
  • Organizing leaders of stakeholder institutions in the apiculture sector (through retreats) to regularly reflect, strategize and do scenario building on policy and advocacy issues.

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