Bees for BATWA Phase 2 (2023 – 2024)

Bees for BATWA 2 – Promotion of Beekeeping for Enhanced Livelihoods among Batwa and Other Marginalized and Vulnerable Groups around Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Area

B4B is a one and a half year project 2023 – 2024 project funded by Bees for Development in the UK. The project is implemented by TUNADO in partnership with Bwindi Mugahinga conservation trust (BMCT) in the districts of Kisoro and Rubanda.

The project targets to reach and build the capacity of 60 beekeeping project participants (40 poorest Batwa households and 20 non Batwa land lords) in the foothills of Mgahinga and Echuya forest. The 60 project participants come as an addition to the already existing 80 beekeepers trained under B4B1.

The Project focuses on three major Outputs as indicated below;

  • Output 1: Increased knowledge and capacity of beekeeping with honey bees and stingless bees as a business among marginalised and landless Batwa communities.
  • Output 2: Creating a new Batwa identity in the local community. Sharing scheme established, Batwa take on roles as beekeeper trainers with their landowner partners.
  • Output 3: Market links established and business opportunities developed for Batwa and Landowners.

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