Who We Are

TUNADO is the apex body recognized by the public and government of Uganda to coordinate the apiculture sector in Uganda. TUNADO is a membership body that unites producers (beekeepers), processors, packers, service providers (trainers, researches, marketers, and equipment manufacturers), development partners, government and all other stakeholders towards apiculture development in Uganda. TUNADO is a non for profit, MBO and a company limited by guarantee. It was formed after realizing that apiculture sector was disorganized and yet, it has the potential to contribute significantly to rural household income, poverty reduction and national economic development as well as environmental conservation. Since its inception in 2004, TUNADO has become “a must go to” institution for all information concerning apiculture. This has seen her membership grow over the years to currently 339 (Corporate Associations 142, CBOs 111, and 86 Individuals) and it continues to grow.

Our mission

The Mission is to, ´provide a national platform for an inclusive green apiculture sector growth through capacity building, lobbying and advocacy, market development, product & services diversification and information sharing.

Strategic Goal

Being a national apex body that coordinates initiatives of stakeholders in the apiculture industry.

Our Vision

The vision of TUNADO is, ´A vibrant membership-based apex body coordinating the apiculture industry in Uganda for sustainable national development.

Core Values

TUNADO´s core values are: a) Membership centered; b) Voluntarism; c) Accountability; and d) Innovation, e) Inclusivity

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: To influence inclusive Apiculture policy and legal frameworks through evidence-based advocacy.

Objective 2: To provide inclusive membership services through capacity building, market access, information sharing and financing.

Objective 3: To promote nature-based solutions, and models for sustainable Apiculture development.

Objective 4: To strengthen TUNADO as an inclusive and sustainable institution.

Key Result Areas

Key result area 1: Favorable policy and legal framework in the Apiculture sector supported.

Key result area 2: An Inclusive, strong and satisfied membership doing sustainable business in Apiculture.

Key result area 3: Heathy bees in a healthy environment with diversified natured based incentives promoted.

Key result area 4: A strong TUNADO with functional structures to sustainably deliver her mandate, roles and responsibilities.

Inquiries & Feedback

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