The Director's Message

I am delighted to be apart of TUNADO’s exciting 20-year journey and sharing in the great milestones made. On Behalf of the Board, Management, staff and membership of TUNADO, we would like to say THANK YOU to all stakeholders and well-wishers that have been a part of this journey of growth in the apiculture sector.

TUNADO’s achievements are as a result of the commitment of a multi- talented and resilient technical team that makes things happen, I convey our gratitude to the staff, volunteers and membership for the service beyond self. With a total of 33 full time staff, (25 of which are extension staff or Apiary Masters) and 160 part time trainers, we will continue to respond to the day to day needs of the sector.

Our work is guided by a set of values, mandate, objectives, strategy and clear systems of governance; these have enabled us keep the vision of excellence to the benefit of our members. We thank the Board of Directors led by the Chairman; Prof. Robert Kajobe for the visionary leadership and oversight role that has kept the institution afloat.  TUNADO membership is at the center of our work, we are committed to providing services in the most efficient way and creating strong strategies and programs together.

For the past few years there has been a strategic shift in our work approach; we are implementing the new TUNADO strategy (2023-2027). The emphasis is on Inclusion; we are aware that the future needs a TUNADO that creates employment opportunities for all; we want to reach all. Our interventions are reaching persons with disability, Women, youth, minority groups like Batwa and ik.

Our bigger vision is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and mitigate climate change by focusing on our core strategic areas among which is Apiculture development, gender and inclusion, agro forestry and food security. Beekeeping, as part of the agroforestry initiative, plays a crucial role in promoting biodiversity through improved crop yields by pollination, mitigating the effects of climate change, enhancing food security, and providing an alternative source of income for families.

Last but not least, TUNADO prides in the goodwill and multi-stakeholder partnerships with government, businesses, civil society organizations and academia to achieve maximum impact, we will continue to work with our partners in the race to provide an excellent, sustainable apiculture sector to all Ugandans.

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