Member Capacity Building

This is through providing general and tailor-made information and support services to a range of service subscribers, relevant to their work and programming.

Key Objective:

To provide general and tailor made researched information and member welfare support services; to inform their interventions and enhance their capacities.

In this regard, TUNADO :

1. Periodically profiles data and map out members and stakeholders in the apiculture sector in quest to become a key reference point for information on apiculture sector: what they do, production levels, where they operate, their best practices, innovations and what impact they are creating. Where such information is not available at the TUNADO, it shall provide further direction.

2. Provides quality information to the members and other stakeholders on issues of their interest (Collect and disseminate information).

3. Facilitates active networks for specific interest group members on the profiled apiculture issues.

4. Mobilises and recruit members to participate in TUNADO initiatives.

5. Facilitates member exchange and exposure programmes at local, regional and international levels all aiming at promoting best practices and the apiculture sector as whole.

6. Organizes membership development activities, marketing (market development and market linkages) and promotion events with purpose of promoting api-products and creating public awareness on apiculture and associated products. Such events will include but not limited to honey week activities, exhibitions, trade fairs and awards.

7. Builds members’ capacity on governance and management through provision of technical support in business and strategic planning, registration, development of Articles and Memorandum of Association and operating manuals. Coaching and mentoring mangers and leaders on governance, linking Civil Society to Uganda NGO-Forum for Quality Assurance Mechanism while companies will be linked to PSFU and Uganda Small Scale Producers Association to benefit on wider private sector services.

What a cake 🎂! if we beekeepers start embracing and loving our profession, then everyone will envy us and eventually they will join us 😅. Let's always celebrate 🍾our birthdays in style and show maximum love to our 🐝🐝bees. Such simple acts help move crowds.

When we say beekeeping doesn't need you to have a million shillings on your account, this is simply what we mean. Cost friendly methods of processing honey 🍯using white🪣buckets and white cloth. What other reason do you have for not Keeping Bees ??

🇺🇬 I would like to wish all our members happy 59th Independence. As a country, Let us give bees independence by protecting their habitat. That way, bees will continue to pollinate crops that give us the food that we eat.

Dickson Biryomumaisho, E.D TUNADO

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