Strategic Partnerships

TUNADO has worked with Oxfam Uganda since 2015 to date to Creating Women and Youth livelihood opportunities in apiculture in the regions of Karamoja (Kotido district), West Nile (Nebbi & Arua districts) and Mid North (Gulu district)

We have worked with Trias Uganda since 2014 to date to see family farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs; especially active poor people, women and young people work collectively to achieve sustainable and improved livelihoods in West Nile ( Arua, Nebbi and Zombo districts) and Bunyoro ( Masindi, Hoima and Bulisa districts) sub regions.

Woord en Daad, is a faith based organisation in Netherlands that has worked with TUNADO since 2019 to date. To catalyze   the apiculture value chain in Uganda by promoting beekeeping as a business in mid- west, great north and Teso sub region.

Is our new partner we have worked with since 2020 to date under the European aid programme. Our work with EU is to provide youth with the necessary skills for employment and empowerment in West Nile region.

Is charity based organization in UK, which we have worked with for the last 10 years to date. To promote sustainable beekeeping in Uganda.

TUNADO’s work with NARO started since its inception to date, to improve our the orgainsations work on apiculture research development and innovation

TUNADO is mandated by the government of Uganda through MAAIF to coordinate the apiculture sector. Furthermore, MAAIF plays an oversight function to TUNADO

TUNADO’s partnership with Makerere University and other tertiary institutions focuses on capacity building along the honey value chain and strengthening its research development and innovation

UNBS is mandated by the government of Uganda to formulate, promote and enforce national standards. Our partnership with UNB is to ensure the all bee products processed by our members have a quality certification mark that will enhance their market competiveness within the country and across.

DIT is an arm of ministry of education responsible for non-formal training. TUNADO is a fully accredited assessment center for DIT

TUNADO is a fully paid up member of PSFU and have worked with them under the skills development facility programme to skill along the honey value chain across Uganda

Sytel is a UK based individual software company TUNADO patterned to establish a beekeeping training and demonstration facility in Gulu district to serve the entire mid north.

TUNADO works with the king Baudouin foundation in Belgium through Trias Uganda. Our partnership focuses on professionalizing the social business World of Bees ltd (WoB) to become a financially stable and profitable enterprise that contributes to the improvement of the apiculture value chain and to the livelihoods of beekeepers in Uganda.

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