Market Development & Linkages

  • TUNADO also recognises that packaging services are still limiting here in Uganda. In this case TUNADO will provide technical support in developing brands/designs acquisition of packaging materials, patent rights and trademarks.
  • Support marketing of honey and other api-products and inputs through promotion of e-marketing with the use of cell phones, exhibitions (like honey week), product certification (provision of technical support for members to use participatory approaches in certification processes to obtain UNBS Q and S mark which will give their products competitive edge on the market).
  • Conduct market research and provide market information, collective marketing for producer associations (including promotion of active linkages between producer groups and relevant processors/packers/exporters), facilitating collective distribution of honey and other bee products as well as provision of technical advice in reducing trading barriers.
  • Monitor and evaluate apiculture development projects in Uganda purposed to document and disseminate good and bad practices to avoid duplication while encouraging replication of best practices.
  • Support processes of securing technical services for the creation of financial mechanisms for members (this may be a SACCO, Venture Capital, Seed grant or any other). In a similar way, TUNADO will make efforts to help link members to financial institutions for credit access.
  • TUNADO will also provide Business Development services which will include but not limited to organizing business clinics, forum for Business service providers, developing ethical standards for business service providers, linking members to active service providers (training on development of strategic plan, business plans financial and marketing plans) and coordinating bulk procurement of packaging and processing materials while considering quality and standards maintenance.
  • Train and mentor service providers in emerging and innovative issues in apiculture and the value chain. As this will galvanise and ensure a coordinated service to actors in value chain as well as standardization.
  • Develop and promote practices and technologies that are sustainable, ecological, economical and locally appropriate for members in order to increase apiculture production.
  • Create awareness on importance of environmental conservation and natural resource management for the purposes of protecting bee population and health.
  • Lobbying all stakeholders to include apiculture enterprise in all food security promotion activities (Bearing in mind that bees do pollination services voluntarily).

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