Zurah Namunyiga (red Veil) started up Kyengeza Bees, a honey 🍯 company soon after she finished University. @TUNADO_Bees offered Zurah the necessary advice and trainings in processing, branding and packaging. We are happy that Zurah is now an employer to other like minded youth.



The color of honey is dependent on the flower the bees suck the nectar from, The foamy substance that appears to float at the top of honey Is just air, tiny air bubbles escape to the top of the honey to coat its surface. therefore do not be afraid, its NORMAL.

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Phiona Birungi, the programs manager @TUNADO_Bees takes Entomologists under the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) Districts through good Apiary Management practices. Refresher courses are key to the development of Apiculture sector in Uganda.

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