The Export Hub, A thorough Insight Into The Shs. 6.5 billion Project.

For the last 17 years, TUNADO has played a pivotal role of promoting beekeeping in Uganda and there is no doubt it has and continues to create employment opportunities for the youth, women, PwDs, and refugees in the country. Beekeeping is now more attractive than ever before. Research highlights a growing appreciation of bee products and increased honey consumption at domestic, regional and international level.  We have built strong supply chain structures from grass root beekeepers, linked to Rural Transformation Centers (RTC), that are then connected to national buyers and World of Bees, a one stop center for all bee products in the country.

TUNADO has worked on distribution channels with processors and packers that are well connected to all the supermarkets, retail shops and World of Bees distribution stores at Kingdom Kampala mall, Kira house, Kikubo and Akamwesi mall, all located in the central business district, Kampala. We have also stepped up our online distribution through our online shop TUNADO has created awareness that almost all Ugandan’s that mind their health use honey as a sweetener i.e., ‘’if you are not using honey in beverages and food, you are missing out on all possible health benefits’’.

The World has moved on to health products. The international demand for residue free beeswax and honey is very high. Our traditional organic way of keeping bees is advantageous and puts us in a good position to explore the international market. To enter the international market, consistent, quality and big volumes are vital and therefore to achieve the above, we have since 2015 started on the journey of setting up an Export Hub, TUNADO procured land for the export hub in 2017 and secured approved construction plans in 2019. In 2020, we started construction. To this effect, we identified NATO engineering as the contractor and New Theme ltd as our project manager.

 TUNADO extends great thanks to @TriasUganda and Woord en Daad that have relentlessly extended financial support towards this cause. We also thank the TUNADO membership for the endless contributions towards this project, our board of directors for the strategic direction that this project is taking. And last but not least, our staff for working hard towards the success of this Export Hub. The export hub, after completion, will house the National stores, a training center, laboratory, product development center, showroom, museum and offices.

 The grass root structures created will bulk quality bee products at RTCs and RTCs will send samples to the Export hub laboratory. once these samples have passed the test, the products will then be allowed in the national stores for export. In this case World of Bees (members social enterprise) will be elevated to act as the export hub.

 This export hub is located on plot no. 1103 block 80 at Buntaba,Dundu in Mukono District. And the project is estimated to cost Ugx 6.5bn. we have so far spent Ugx 2Bn. We therefore take this opportunity to request and encourage everyone to contribute towards this noble cause. We are optimistic that the hub will start operations in 2023. After completion, we are sure that the hub will be the World’s Center of Excellency and Reference Point.

For more information, do not hesitate to reach us on or by tel +256414258070 or whatsapp +256779299778.

What fuel source are you using in your smoker? We can discuss this , because many are making a big mistake , using processed materials to smoke bees. These might be harmful to the Bees.


Thank you for not allowing things in our organization that you would not have allowed in your own. TUNADO needs you, and appreciates that you used all of your experience, skills, knowledge and education to move our organization forward.

We thank you!


We are happy to report that the required Macadamia seedlings requested for, under our project of Bees and Macadamia supported by @WWF have arrived safely. Distribution of these seedlings will commence this week and all targeted beneficiaries will be contacted.

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