Bee PWD Project

Is a two year project (2019-2021) launched in March 2019. The project is funded by National Community Lottery Fund through Bees for Development our partners based in UK. The project specifically works with people who are visually impaired in Gulu and people with hearing impairment in Jinja districts. The Project intends to deliver on three major outputs which are:

  • TUNADO and Bees for Development become PWD-inclusive organisations
  • Opportunities for PWD to participate in beekeeping sub-sector opened
  • Beekeeping-specific adaptive skills training developed and applied for people with visual and hearing impairments

Achievements so far

  • Inclusion of PwDs in TUNADO programmes and activities through provision of sign language interpreting services and personal assistants to increase their participation.
  • Video documentaries of visual impaired and Deaf persons engaged in beekeeping to inspire PwDs to participate in economic empowerment.
  • Beekeepers with visual impairment in Gulu district trained in beekeeping and supported to start individual projects.
  • TUNADO has developed a Disability Policy and implementation framework to guide the Organisation on how to be inclusive.

What a cake 🎂! if we beekeepers start embracing and loving our profession, then everyone will envy us and eventually they will join us 😅. Let's always celebrate 🍾our birthdays in style and show maximum love to our 🐝🐝bees. Such simple acts help move crowds.

When we say beekeeping doesn't need you to have a million shillings on your account, this is simply what we mean. Cost friendly methods of processing honey 🍯using white🪣buckets and white cloth. What other reason do you have for not Keeping Bees ??

🇺🇬 I would like to wish all our members happy 59th Independence. As a country, Let us give bees independence by protecting their habitat. That way, bees will continue to pollinate crops that give us the food that we eat.

Dickson Biryomumaisho, E.D TUNADO

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