Past Projects

Enterprise, Environment and Equity Project 2010 - 2011

During the project period, TUNADO was charged with providing Business Development Services (BDS) for apiculture under the Enterprise, Environment and Equity program. The programme was implemented by IGCP (International Gorrilla Conservation Programme)/CARE and TUNADO/GBL. The program was formulated around four major themes, namely enterprise development, participatory natural resource management, community empowerment and trans-boundary collaboration and learning. The target districts were Kabale, Kanungu and Kisoro. TUNADO ensured that there was quality control within the supply chain by liasing with consumer markets, diagnosing quality problems with the supply chain and delivering direct training/ capacity building interventions to the beekeepers. TUNADO also assisted the beekeepers on how to become competitive through; providing product development services, market access, financial advice and market advice. The programme was able to reach three parishes in Kanungu, six parishes in Kabale and three parishes in Kisoro. Three cooperatives were formed to assist the beekeepers in the district do beekeeping as a commercial activity. These were Ikumba Beekeepers Multi-purpose Cooperative, Nkuringo Beekeepers Development Multi-purpose Cooperative and Kanunugu Beekeepers Company.

Strengthening Trade in Honey and other Bee Products in Uganda, 2007

A needs assessment was carried out funded by Comic Relief (UK) and implemented jointly by Bees for Development (BfD), Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) and The Uganda Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO).

The assessment was carried out in 20 districts of Uganda between April and July 2007, is produced jointly by BfD, UEPB and TUNADO. In this process, the assessment team comprising of staff from all three implementing organisations met 16 beekeepers’ associations, seven private limited companies, four development organisations and one apiculture-training centre. The main aim of the assessment was to establish a framework for the selection of target areas for the pilot phase of the project.

The findings showed that TUNADO’s capacity was lacking should be strengthened to play its role effectively and efficiently as a apex apiculture membership body. It should also rally stakeholders in the industry to embrace a single vision and strategy for apiculture sector in Uganda.
To date, it is very difficult to determine which path the industry should take: whether to promote many small packers scattered throughout the country or a few large packers who will bulk products from producers from all parts of the country for onward sale.

Deliberate steps should also be made by key stakeholders to initiate a process to harmonise the role of TUNADO and other lead private sector agencies so that they play complementary, and not, conflicting roles. The survey reveals that there is a great scope for close partnership between lead private sector agencies in Uganda.

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Uganda Honey Trade Project 2010 - 2014

Delivered by a Partnership of four organisations
Bees for Development Trust
The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation
Kamwenge Beekeepers Cooperative Society
ApiTrade Africa
Funded by Comic Relief, UK

Beekeeping offers a safety net for the poor, and can generate income. Beekeeping is a low risk, sustainable, household-level enterprise. The opportunity to earn more from beekeeping is growing as the demand for honey in the towns of Uganda outstrips supply. The challenge is to transform subsistence beekeeping to business beekeeping, and it is clear that effective market chains are the key drivers in this process.

Market chains work at many levels
The poorest need opportunities that are affordable and resilient. Selling bee products provides essential income and yet accessing worthwhile markets can be difficult. This Project recognises that high value market chains work at many levels:

The Project supports an existing beekeeper-owned, honey-trading group. This business, the Kamwenge Beekeepers Cooperative Society (KABECOS), provides a fair and reliable market route for beekeepers in Kamwenge. This Project will work to strengthen the trading and institutional capacity of KABECOS, train members in value addition and marketing, and build partnerships along the supply chain.

The Project is developing the capacity of the national industry association, TUNADO, to enable it to advocate on behalf of all beekeepers. The result will be a proactive and established mouthpiece for the many thousands of small-scale beekeepers in Uganda.
Work with ApiTrade Africa focuses particularly on the stubborn challenges of fair-trade and organic certification for Africa’s beekeepers: the Project will build expertise and experience within this emerging trade body.




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