TUNADO in partnership with OXFAM to implement SAIL in Uganda

Strengthening the Apiculture value chain for improved livelihoods in Uganda (SAIL-Uganda) is being carried out in Lira and Kotido districts. The process of developing SAIL-Uganda was based on the wide experience of TUNADO as a coordinating body for apiculture for the last 10 years. Sufficient information was generated to indicate that beekeeping is a possibility for the disadvantaged women and men in communities if market is guaranteed for beekeepers (UHTP 2014).
The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the improved livelihood resilience of 3672 people (60% women) and (40% men) living in the districts of Kotido and Lira, in northern Uganda by December 2015 and the specific objective is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of market chains for honey and beeswax in Lira and Kotido. The duration of the project is 10 months and there are mainly four results to be achieved during this period;
1. 12 rural trading hubs successfully consolidate quality honey and beeswax from rural areas and trade to high end processors and packers
1.1 twelve rural based honey and beeswax trading hubs established
1.2 twelve trading hubs are linked to beekeepers and high end packers and exporters
1.3 twelve trading hubs have quality assurance capacity and processes in place to meet the market expectations of high end packers and exporters
1.4 twelve trading hubs put in place good business models and are linked to SACCOS for matching fund and soft loans
1.5 Uganda honey and beeswax processors/ packers and exporters are able to access bee products from lira and Kotido
2. 612 beekeeper households have good skills and knowledge in best practices for honey harvesting and handling to produce good quality honey and beeswax
2.1 120 community based beekeeper mentors –CBBMs (72 women) and 12 trading hub coordinators trained and have knowledge and skills on proper harvesting of honey and beeswax
2.2 480 beekeeper households learn beekeeping from the CBBMs (4 per mentor)
3. Participating stakeholders have adequate knowledge on financial management and have access to financial facilities
3.1 participating stakeholders have financial literacy and good working relationships are in place
3.2 trading hubs and high end buyers access loans and matching fund from SACCOS
4. an enabling environment for honey and beeswax trade is established
4.1 multi stakeholders platform (business forums, honey week) established/ conducted
4.2 Project participants have increased access to apiculture technical and market information.
This project is innovative in a sense that it is using market pull approach and not push where by local trading hubs will be introduced to creating market linkages with beekeepers and the high end buyers to solve the problem of consolidation and market access.




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