Skilling Rural Communities with Oxfam

Oxfam Uganda invests in Creating Women and Youth livelihood opportunities in apiculture in Uganda.

Following successful  implementation of SAIL-Uganda (9 months pilot beekeeping project funded by Oxfam in West Nile, Mid North And North East in 2015), Oxfam is once again supporting The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organization (TUNADO) for five year project 2017-2021 Bee better:  Creating Women and Youth livelihood opportunities in apiculture in Uganda (Bee Better Uganda). The project aims at contributing to improved livelihood resilience of 3,000 beekeepers (60% women) in Karamoja (Kotido district), West Nile (Nebbi&Arua districts) and Mid North (Gulu) sub regions of Northern Uganda by December 2021

This project is working on three specific objectives

 1)  Skilling rural communities in beekeeping production and value addition of bee products (honey, propolis, beeswax, pollen and bee venom), 

2) Equip youth and women with entrepreneurial skills for starting and growing sustainable apiculture SMEs 

 3) Strengthening market linkages and contribute to policies and standards that benefit youth and women participation in apiculture value chain.

The project will employ different strategies and approaches to realize project objectives as follows; 

1) Market pull approach that will include establishment and strengthening of existing farmer owned and managed trading hubs to act as first link connecting rural beekeepers bee products to high end buyers and World of Bees speciality shop, facilitate market linkages, trade promotions, business forums among others.

 2) Beekeeper to Beekeeper training and extension model to skill youth and women in apiary management, bee products harvesting, post-harvest handling, processing, quality assurance mechanisms and value addition.

 3) Gender Action Learning Methodologies (GALS) as a vehicle to stimulate women inclusion in the project.

4) Equipping women and youth with entrepreneurial skills to start and grow apiculture MSMEs as a way of self-employment and creating employment to others.

 5) Value chain financing as a means to increase working capital for trading hubs, emerging women and youth entrepreneurs to buy bee products for on-ward trade during harvesting season and 

6) Creating enabling environment that benefit youth and women full participation in apiculture project (product certification, National Apiculture Policy, Tax exemption, networking and business platforms, information among others).

We thank to Oxfam Uganda for the initiative to support beekeeping.





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