Apitrade Africa in partnership with MINAGRI & NAEB on 21st-26th September 2016 organised the 5th All Africa Honey industry exposition in Kigali Rwanda. This pan-African business forum was organised to promote businesses involved in the honeybee industry in Africa. This year’s Apiexpo was organised under the theme “Driving socio-Economic Transformation in Africa: The Role of Commercial Beekeeping”

 Participants pose with the 3rd Overall Best Exhibitor Certificate

TUNADO in a bid to fulfill her strategic objectives of membership servicing and apiculture promotion, supported her members to participate in Apiexpo by procuring 12M2 exhibition space and negotiating registration fees with Apitrade Africa. Thanks to Trias Uganda for supporting this initiative. The purpose for TUNADO’s participation was to share knowledge on TUNADO’s work towards honey sector growth in Uganda and for members to showcase their products, market, share ideas and be exposed to different bee products and services as well as securing business contacts. 7 members (Blessed Bee for Life products, Ojova Natural Honey, Gates Holdings Ltd, Jjllima Holdings Ltd, Malaika Honey, Bushenyi Connoisseur Honeys Cooperative, Bunyangabu Bee keepers Cooperative & Tropical Beekeeping Institute) showcased their products under the TUNADO stall. In attendance was Dr. Robert Kajobe-Director NARO Rwebitaba who won a fully sponsored trip for being the winner of the Bee Lottery during the 7th National Honey Week.  Different bee products were showcased such as honey, beeswax, honey wine, crude propolis & tincture, beeswax candles, beeswax jelly, beeswax creams, smokers, gloves, Bee suits and beeswax soap. The Ugandan stall stood out of the crowd because they are the only ones who had other honey value added products and the children warning on their labels (Honey not good for children below one year).
Members participated in several activities apart from showcasing their products such as attending presentations where very beneficial lessons were learnt especially marketing beekeeping to school children & University graduates to curb unemployment among the youth, api-tourism as an alternative source of household income to beekeepers, using bees to conserve gorilla habitat & using a gorilla honey jar to promote gorilla protection,  umuganda (community cleaning)  where they planted bee forage on roadsides as well as a football match  between Africa Honeybee FC and Rwanda Honeybee FC where Rwanda Honeybee FC beat African Honeybee FC one to nil.
The event did not go without challenges such as: language barrier since most of the visitors (beekeepers) to the stalls couldn’t speak English which made information sharing difficult, the exhibition venue was in upmarket Kigali which was not accessible to the general population leading to limited sales, members’ exhibits were also withheld at the Gatuna border for lack of enough documentation. It is on this very note that TUNADO urges her members to make adequate preparations and adhere to the required documentation to avoid future inconveniences. Don’t miss out on the important information required for you to export in our next issue After 5 days of participating in several event activities including the judging exercise, the TUNADO stall was declared 3rd overall best exhibitor and was awarded a certificate of recognition. Thank you TUNADO members for making Uganda proud. TUNADO & your country are proud of you!!!

Some of the Participants pose for a photo

TUNADO participates in the Poster session for an interactive meeting with Oxfam International Executive Director- Hon. Winnie Byanyima.

On 28th July 2016, TUNADO represented by the Executive Director Mr. Biryomumaisho Dickson and the Communications Officer, Sarah Mugoya (Mrs.) together with a range of partners that Oxfam in Uganda works with like UWONET, CSBAG, SEATINI, ULA, CEFORD, PELUM, WORUDET,  among many others had an interactive meeting with the Oxfam International Executive Director and the Oxfam Uganda Country Director, Mr. Kemalingin Peter in which they had an opportunity to share experiences, achievements, lessons learnt and also provide inspirational examples in the implementation of Oxfam and partners’ work in the greater north of Uganda.
Mr. Biryomumaisho Dickson gave the Poster presentation for TUNADO on the Project titled “Strengthening the Apiculture Value Chain for improved Livelihoods in Uganda- SAIL-Uganda” implemented in 2015 in the districts of Kotido, Lira Nebbi, Arua, Maracha & Koboko in which he highlighted the outcomes of the SAIL-Uganda Project some of which are;
•    More women (1,162) skilled in beekeeping and now earning an income from their apiary enterprises
•    Increased financial access to beekeepers through Centenary Bank
•    The beekeeper to beekeeper extension model and the market pull approach adopted by other development partners
•    Increased market access of bee products through linkages of created trading hubs to on-ward high end buyers
The Oxfam International Executive Director, Hon. Winnie Byanyima was very impressed with the different pieces of work that TUNADO is doing to improve people's livelihoods in Uganda. On presenting the bigger issues for influencing policy and practice change such as engagement with government, private sector and other key stakeholders. She encouraged TUNADO to do more of self-regulation mechanisms other than always waiting for the Government. She similarly appreciated the great convening role Oxfam in Uganda is doing to bring the different partners, stakeholders like the private sector, academia and many others together towards a common goal.
Hon.Winnie Byanyima also challenged all partners to continue mobilizing the voices of the grassroots people and use all the evidence from their work to influence change.

What it takes to be a TUNADO member

What It Means to be a TUNADO Member
The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO), is the national body responsible for coordinating the beekeeping industry in Uganda and was formed in 2003 and registered as a not-for-profit company in 2004. From the date of establishment to date, TUNADO represents one million two hundred thousand (1,200,000) beekeepers across the country organised in  266 members based orginisations  inclusive of 58 individual members,113 associations and companies, and 93 CBOs. TUNADO serves her mandate through the provision of information and advice, organising stakeholders’ platform, market linkages and playing a liaison and advocacy role plus providing a strategic guidance to the sector and building mutually beneficial relationships between apiculture stakeholders in Uganda. Being a member of TUNADO means you have automatically owned it and therefore entitled to all the benefits that come with it including but not limited to;
•    Automatically own TUNADO and influence decision making in the AGM
•    Secure rights to vote or be voted on TUNADO Board
•    Receive trainings and capacity building of you and your members along the honey value chain including (packaging and branding, quality management and standardization, apiary management governance, financial literacy and other business related skills at subsidized rates
•    Have the opportunity to be part of a network of like-minded people which will enable you to share experiences and learn from others
•    Benefit in demand driven services like securing certification, import and export permits etc.
Receive market information and linkages at local, regional and international markets but also free display of products in TUNADO show room
•    Enjoying a 50% discount rate on fee based activities of TUNADO e.g. exhibitions, trainings, seminars and subsidized advertising in the Api- News Magazine
•    Access to information at TUNADO such as the resource centre, free subscription to quarterly Api - News Magazine and periodical briefing notes on national sector development.
Get recommendations for necessary support and be linked to important apiculture stakeholders
•    Have a chance to lobby government through ‘platform for action’ policy documents concerning issues affecting the apiculture industry in Uganda
•    Be visited by TUNADO team at least once a year, with an aim of strengthening links and identifying organizational issues that may require advice from TUNADO
•    Receive entrepreneurship skills and Business counselling services from the membership desk
Have access to TUNADO membership information directory, only available to TUNADO members for networking and suppliers and buyers seeking sources and customers.
•    Receive membership registration certificate and free publicity in the Api-news magazine.
 Among other benefits TUNADO members are entitled to, is access to all membership packages of other member based organisations that TUNADO subscribes to. This literary means that for as long as you’re a registered member of TUNADO, there is no need of you registering with another MBO to whom TUNADO subscribes as this will help you receive the very benefits through TUNADO but also reduce on the burden one gets when it comes to paying annual subscription to all other MBOs . TUNADO is a member of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Apimondia, Uganda National Farmers Federation, Apitrade Africa, Agriprofocus, Uganda Small Scale Industries Association, and Uganda Timber Growers Association.  TUNADO members therefore enjoy a range of membership benefits from these bodies e.g. being invited to different events, receive technical and financial support.

TUNADO organises the 7th National Honey Week

The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO) played a lead role in organising the 7th National Honey week with technical and financial backstopping by apiculture Multi stakeholder platform members in Uganda ( UNBS, Self Help Africa, The Hunger Project, Trias, Bees for Development, Swiss Contact, Environmental Alert, Agro Market day and Ministry of Agriculture) The event was organised under the theme "Quality Bee Products, a means for ready Market” and took place from 22nd-27th August 2016 at Forest Mall, Lugogo
This annual event attracted 95 exhibitors across the country with over 12000 patrons tasting honey and buying other bee products. The main objective of this year’s National Honey week was to advocate for quality bee products as a means to access existing and emerging markets. Specifically, the Honey week defined what quality bee products are, demonstrated quality control and assurance mechanisms and also created a business platform for exhibitors to showcase, network and market their products and services in apiculture. The event activities were presided over by different officials; the press conference and the opening ceremony of the four day exhibition on 24/08/16 were presided over by Hon. Christopher Kibazanga-State minister for Agriculture production. The closing ceremony on 27/08/16 was officiated by Executive Director of UNBS, Dr. Ben Manyindo accompanied by various officials including Country Director Trias, Mr. Januario Ntungwa, Project Manager IMU Swisscontact Uganda, Ms. Carol Asiimwe. Ms. Maria Odido, Chairperson Uganda Export Promotion Board officiated at the first Apiculture Processors’ Forum in which she emphasized the need for joint advocacy by chain actors for tax free honey processing equipment because they are vital in quality assurance and for sector growth.

Figure Hon. Kibazanga being guided in a stall tour by the ED TUNADO
Mr. Biryomumaisho Dickson
Unique about this year’s event was the a) Bee lottery which was raffled on the official closing ceremony and the winner, Dr. Robert Kajobe, Director NARO Rwebitaba won  a fully sponsored trip to Api Expo in Rwanda. B) Bee Quiz in which the winner, Mr. Okuga Ezekiel won a 10 percent cash prize of the total collections for the bee quiz, c) Apiculture processors’ forum where different scholars disseminated their research findings on importance of pollination, honey characterization, bee diseases and their prevention and the importance of product certification d) Judging exercise to come up with the best exhibitor 2016:
1.    Overall winner: Bushenyi Connoisseur Honeys
2.    Best Processor and Packer: Blessed Bee for Life
3.    Best Producer Association- Mbale Coalition against poverty- MBALE CAP
4.    Best Equipment manufacturer and suppliers – Green and White Enterprises
5.    Best Training and extension- Adraa Agricultural College
6.    Best Innovation- Quality Bee Venom
7.    Best branding and design- Bugaari Winery
TUNADO was also pleased to host Dr. Wolfgang Ritter Director Reference lab- OIE from Germany together with Mr. Martin Ritter & Ms. Gozde Okcu ….,….. of Bees for the World, Mr. Simon Samuel Tesfay and Mr. Semere Teklemichael Haille from Ministry of Agriculture Eritrea, Director Bees for Development- Ghana, Dr. Kwame Aidoo and Mr. Otieno Fredrick from African Beekeeping Resource Centre (ABRC) Kenya.
TUNADO is grateful to its partners, Bees for Development UK, The Hunger Project, Trias, Swisscontact, Environmental Alert, ZOA, Self-help Africa for the financial and technical support that made the event exceptional.


Mr. Mugisha Elly(Middle) poses for a photo with           Ms. Maria Odido greeting some exhibitors,

Dr. Ben Manyindo(1st from left), at the closing ceremony of the event Left,

The National Honey Week,2016

The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organistion (TUNADO) together with The Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) welcome you to the 7th Uganda National Honey Week 2016.
The Uganda National Honey Week will take place from the 22nd to 27th August 2016 at Forest Mall, Lugogo. The year’s theme is “Quality Bee Products, A means for ready Market”.
Several concurrent events which include the Press Conference, Main exhibition, Bee Quiz Competition, Judging exercise, Bee Lottery, practical demonstration on simple methods to test the quality of bee products,  practical training in hive making workshops will take place at the same venue.
Over 100 exhibitors from Uganda and beyond are expected with over 15,000 Patrons. This event will be a showcase of bee products, bee Equipment, bee brands among others.
The Press Conference will bring together the Government under Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), Development Partners, Stakeholders, UNBS, Supermarket owners, Hotel owners, Bottling companies, Value Chain actors in the Honey Industry, Media Personnel and Exhibitors on a single platform to discuss and share knowledge on Quality and business related approaches to promote apiculture and to demonstrate how Quality bee products could tap into the available market and emerging domestic and international markets .
There will be unique business (B2B) meetings, UNBS one on one product certification session and networking opportunities of Honey players ranging from beekeepers to Processors, from honey traders to development partners and those who work in the equipment.
Don’t miss the countless opportunity to bee where the biggest annual bee event of the year happens from 22nd to 27th August 2016, Forest Mall, Lugogo. Do you want more information contact TUNADO on 0414258070/ 0771475343 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember entrance is free for the general public, all bee products and equipment at farm gate and factory price.
The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organistion (TUNADO) together with The Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) have organised the 7th Uganda National Honey Week 2016 at Forest Mall, Lugogo. At your disposal will be a set of unique business (B2B meetings) and networking opportunities of Honey industry players ranging beekeepers to Processors, from honey traders to development partners


     Members                                         Non Members                           
Single stall: Shs. 180,000 Single stall: Shs. 300,000
Double stall:  Shs. 360,000 Double stall:  Shs. 500,000




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