Board of Directors

The Memorandum and Articles of association guides TUNADO’s governance and management. Currently, TUNADO is governed by a Board of Directors where the Executive Director seats as the BOD secretary.

The Directors are elected from the TUNADO members during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every five years. They represent diverse experience from different chains of the Apiculture sector.

The New Board 2017-2022 was elected during the 10th Annual General Meeting in which Dr. Kajobe Robert, Director NARO Rwebitaba was elected as the New Board Chairman of TUNADO at its 10th AGM which took place on 27th April 2017 at Uganda National Farmers’ Federation (UNFFE). Dr. Kajobe Robert replaced Mr. Jackson M Jurua, the 2nd Chairperson of TUNADO.

BOD members 2017-2022
1. Dr. Kajobe Robert                                             Director NARO Rwebitaba Zardi/ Chairman TUNADO/ Director West Nile
2. Mrs. Kwiringira Doreen Nsasiirwe                        Vice Chairperson/ Director Processors and Packers
3. Mr. Tunanukye George                                      Director Mid West
4. Ms. Ujjeo Mamawi Josephine                              Director Processors and Packers
5. Mrs. Mugabi Evas                                              Director South Western 
6. Dr. Amulen Deborah Ruth                                  Director North Eastern
7. Mr. Esau Oketcho Misinde                                  Director Eastern
8. Mr. Okodia Robert                                             Director Mid North
9. Mr. Mugula George                                            Director Central
10. Mr. Biryomumaisho Dickson                              Executive Director/ Secretary BOD




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