Key Achievements

  1. At a time of TUNADO’s formation, the apiculture sector was too disjointed with a lot of disagreement, with every one working alone, so many beekeepers’ associations' leaders were fighting amongst themselves and a number of deaths were registered.
  2. As TUNADO we are proud to mention that we registered harmony in the sector to date, value chain actors, Government officials, CSOs can all communicate amongst themselves and deliberate on issues of apiculture interest with ease.
  3. TUNADO has raised awareness and made the apiculture sector attractive. To date, the sector has attracted development partners, privates sectors and members of the community to invest in the sector given the potential of apiculture TUNADO has demonstrated to the public.
  4. TUNADO together with Development Partners (Swiss Contact Uganda, Bees for Development and MAAIF) simplified the National Beekeeping Training and Extension Manual.
  5. TUNADO also trained 20 ToTs in occupational level one to help other people interested in the beekeeping enterprise to join.
  6. Together with the Government of Uganda, TUNADO has secured Uganda to be listed on third world countries allowed to export honey to the E.U and this is a global and huge market for Uganda.
  7. Together with UNBS, TUNADO has developed honey standards US Issue 18 and thus Ugandan processors and packers are able to acquire S and Q mark that allows them trade their hive products on Ugandan market and across borders.
  8. In relation to the above TUNADO together with support from development partners has trained 23 honey inspectors.
  9. TUNADO with support from other sector players put in place innovation/Multi stakeholders’ platforms through which information is shared, important issues of interest and recommendations for implementation are discussed.
  10. Five years back, the hive products market in Uganda was not reliable and there was limited access to market information and market linkages and with introduction of National Honey Week and api-news letter, market related challenges are being addressed.
  11. TUNADO has managed to mobilize and cause beekeepers to organize themselves into groups, associations and cooperatives for easy access to services such as extension, market and any other support.
  12. TUNADO has organized five successful national honey week events and this has increased awareness on apiculture and associated products.




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