What it takes to be a TUNADO member

What It Means to be a TUNADO Member
The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO), is the national body responsible for coordinating the beekeeping industry in Uganda and was formed in 2003 and registered as a not-for-profit company in 2004. From the date of establishment to date, TUNADO represents one million two hundred thousand (1,200,000) beekeepers across the country organised in  266 members based orginisations  inclusive of 58 individual members,113 associations and companies, and 93 CBOs. TUNADO serves her mandate through the provision of information and advice, organising stakeholders’ platform, market linkages and playing a liaison and advocacy role plus providing a strategic guidance to the sector and building mutually beneficial relationships between apiculture stakeholders in Uganda. Being a member of TUNADO means you have automatically owned it and therefore entitled to all the benefits that come with it including but not limited to;
•    Automatically own TUNADO and influence decision making in the AGM
•    Secure rights to vote or be voted on TUNADO Board
•    Receive trainings and capacity building of you and your members along the honey value chain including (packaging and branding, quality management and standardization, apiary management governance, financial literacy and other business related skills at subsidized rates
•    Have the opportunity to be part of a network of like-minded people which will enable you to share experiences and learn from others
•    Benefit in demand driven services like securing certification, import and export permits etc.
Receive market information and linkages at local, regional and international markets but also free display of products in TUNADO show room
•    Enjoying a 50% discount rate on fee based activities of TUNADO e.g. exhibitions, trainings, seminars and subsidized advertising in the Api- News Magazine
•    Access to information at TUNADO such as the resource centre, free subscription to quarterly Api - News Magazine and periodical briefing notes on national sector development.
Get recommendations for necessary support and be linked to important apiculture stakeholders
•    Have a chance to lobby government through ‘platform for action’ policy documents concerning issues affecting the apiculture industry in Uganda
•    Be visited by TUNADO team at least once a year, with an aim of strengthening links and identifying organizational issues that may require advice from TUNADO
•    Receive entrepreneurship skills and Business counselling services from the membership desk
Have access to TUNADO membership information directory, only available to TUNADO members for networking and suppliers and buyers seeking sources and customers.
•    Receive membership registration certificate and free publicity in the Api-news magazine.
 Among other benefits TUNADO members are entitled to, is access to all membership packages of other member based organisations that TUNADO subscribes to. This literary means that for as long as you’re a registered member of TUNADO, there is no need of you registering with another MBO to whom TUNADO subscribes as this will help you receive the very benefits through TUNADO but also reduce on the burden one gets when it comes to paying annual subscription to all other MBOs . TUNADO is a member of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Apimondia, Uganda National Farmers Federation, Apitrade Africa, Agriprofocus, Uganda Small Scale Industries Association, and Uganda Timber Growers Association.  TUNADO members therefore enjoy a range of membership benefits from these bodies e.g. being invited to different events, receive technical and financial support.