Enabling Synergies between Organised and Enterprising People (ESOEP)

ESO-EP is a 5-year project (2017-2021) funded by Belgian Director General Development (DGD) through Trias Uganda.

The project is implemented in West Nile region specifically Arua, Nebbi and Zombo districts, and Bunyoro region specifically Masindi, Bulisa and Hoima districts.

The General objective of the project is: To see family farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs; especially active poor people, women and young people work collectively to achieve sustainable and improved livelihoods.

The project focuses on four major result areas 

  • Empowered poor, women and youth proactively participate in their own MBOs or in democratic, open and mixed MBOs, acting towards a more inclusive society. With inclusivity as main core capacity
  • MBOs have effectively improved their internal organisation and organisational sustainability. With organizational resource management as its core capacity
  • MBOs and their strategic public and private partners facilitate integrated quality services to ensure better participation in markets, especially of poor people, women and young people. Provision of integrated services to members as its core capacity
  • MBOs join in coordination, dialogue and collaboration with other actors towards a more inclusive global society. With networking as its main core capacity.

The following achievements have been registered so far

  • An increase in the number of members trained in entrepreneurship (business plan development, marketing/sales in both agriculture & SSE-context) from 2860 (baseline) to 3792 in 2019
  • An increase in number of members with leadership competencies from 18 (baseline) to 50 Leadership training data base 2019
  • An increase in number of members trained in business development and have adopted from 1200 baseline to 1410 adoption data base 2019
  • An increase in number of Members with increased profit from sales from 30000 (baseline) to 30371 Annual Sales and business expenses data sheet 2019
  • Establishment of a one stop center for apiculture products and services on kira house and king dom hall in kampala. Members now sell their products through the TUNADO business wing world of bees, but also buy equipment and packaging materials from the same point hence a reduction in an necessary movements in town
  • An increase in number of processors certified by UNBS from 2 companies baseline to 17 in 2029

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