Board of Directors

The Memorandum and Articles of association guides TUNADO’s governance and management. Currently, TUNADO is governed by a Board of Directors where the Executive Director seats as the BOD secretary.

The Directors are elected from the TUNADO members during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every five years. They represent diverse experience from different chains of the Apiculture sector.

The New Board 2017-2022 was elected during the 10th Annual General Meeting in which Dr. Kajobe Robert, Director NARO Rwebitaba was elected as the New Board Chairman of TUNADO at its 10th AGM which took place on 27th April 2017 at Uganda National Farmers’ Federation (UNFFE). Dr. Kajobe Robert replaced Mr. Jackson M Jurua, the 2nd Chairperson of TUNADO.

BOD members 2022-2026

Prof. Kajobe Robert

  • Dean of Agriculture – Muni University
  • Chairman TUNADO
  • Director West Nile

Personal Profile
Professor Robert Kajobe is the Chairperson Board of Directors of The Uganda National
Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO). Professor Kajobe is a Research Professor at
Muni University, Arua Uganda. He is also the Acting Dean Faculty of Agriculture, Muni
University. Before that Professor Kajobe worked at the National Agricultural Research
Organization (NARO) in various capacities. He was first appointed as a Research Officer. He
was then appointed as the founding director of NARO – Rwebitaba Zonal Agricultural Research
and Development Institute (Rwebitaba ZARDI). The institute is one of the Public Agriculture
Research Institutes under the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) of Uganda.
Finally, Professor Kajobe served NARO as a Senior Principal Research Officer. Professor
Kajobe is a results driven, self-motivated and resourceful academic with a proven ability to
develop and strengthen teams in order to maximise outputs. He creates clear strategies for their
successful completion. Professor Kajobe is highly innovative leader with extensive scientific
background. He has proven ability to generate innovative agricultural technologies and offers
technical expertise internationally. He has excellent communication skills and is able to establish
sustainable relationships with stakeholders across the world. Professor Kajobe is a skilled mentor
and coach. Professor Kajobe’s accomplished career reflects 20 years’ experience in research,
agricultural policy analysis, leadership, human resources management, resource mobilisation and
organisational development in universities, agricultural research organisations, NGOs and
private sector.

Mr. Esau Oketcho Misinde

Director Eastern

Mr. Mugula George

Director Central

Mr. Biryomumaisho Dickson

Executive Director/ Secretary BOD

Mr. Kyaku Micheal
  • Director Processors and Packers
Dr. Amulen Deborah Ruth

Director North Eastern

Mr. Okodia Robert

Director Mid North

Mrs. Doreen Nsasiirwe Kwilingila

Vice Chairperson – TUNADO BOD

Director South Western

Ms. Ujjeo Mamawi Josephine

Director Processors and Packers

Mr. Magezi Elieza
Director Mid West

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